I. There are an awful lot of labels I could put here but I’m not sure how helpful they’d be. Scanner is a word that describes me well. So is unschooler. I’m an unrepentant dabbler, a frequent traveler, a nature-lover, and a writer. I work on boats and in seasonal education programs.

II. At various times, my hobbies have included poking people with swords, dancing to Irish music while wearing funny socks, standing in front of people and pretending to be someone else, standing in front of people and just being me, and writing about things that don’t exist. My non-hobby endeavors have included cleaning animal bones, convincing people to give someone else money, looking intensely at photos of Mars, painting numbers on hundreds of ammonites, teaching small children how to rock climb, and teaching slightly less-small children how to properly construct a “while” loop.

III. This blog is about nothing in particular. Really. It’s more of a repository for disconnected essays than a site with a specific theme. Do not expect consistency under any circumstances.

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