Truly Confounding Comment Spam I Have Received

The comment filter on my (oft-forgotten) travel blog catches some fascinatingly bizarre word soup. For your reading pleasure, I’m posting the highlights here.

“Mrs. Fister, this code is your next piece of data. Immediately contact the agency at your convenience. No further information until next transmission. This is broadcast #4533. Do not delete.”

“At the very center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you comprehend what you needed.”

“vaping is bad for your health”

(On a post about Roswell, NM) “Liz receives a new grant in San Diego, allowing her to leave town. Despite learning that his ancestor was killed by an alien in 1947, Kyle refuses to assist Project Shepherd. Max and his partner Jenna identify a local, Wyatt Long, as the man who shot Liz, and embarrass him in a shooting contest. Isobel and Michael try to intimidate Liz, but Max defends her. Kyle agrees to help Liz find her sister’s hidden autopsy report, which reveals that she did not die in an accident. At the same time, she learns from her psychic bond that Max was with Rosa on the night she died. Wyatt and his friends assault Liz’s father; Max beats Wyatt and nearly kills him with his abilities before his siblings intervene. Conflicted by Max’s actions saving her father, Liz asks him to tell her when he last saw Rosa, and he lies. Michael strikes up a relationship with Alex Manes, a veteran working near his trailer, while Max has sex with Jenna at her house. Liz decides to stay in Roswell, telling Kyle that she intends to bring her sister’s murderer to justice, even if it’s Max.”

“Don’t wear seat belts lest you drown in you own urine?”

“Thanks for the thoughts you write about through this web site. In addition, lots of young women who become pregnant never even try and get health care insurance because they fear they would not qualify. Although a lot of states at this point require that insurers offer coverage no matter what about the pre-existing conditions. Prices on these kinds of guaranteed programs are usually bigger, but when taking into consideration the high cost of health care it may be some sort of a safer strategy to use to protect the financial future.”

“Canadian Journal of Yersinia–triggered reactive arthritis. use of polymerase chain reaction and immunocytochemical staining in the detection of bacterial components from synovial specimens. Arthritis & Rheumatism. 1992-06-01, 35 (6): 682–687 01”

“Old Knight and psychic octopi are real! #TheOA needs your help. #SaveTheOA”

“Well bоys,? Mommy finally stated afteг theyd come up with numerous silly ideas of whɑt God did for fun, ?What God actualⅼy ⅼikes is when individuaⅼs lߋve each other
and handⅼe one another like we do in our family.?
Ꭲhat made sense to Lee and Larгy sⲟ Lee һugged
Mommy and Larry hugged dadԁy to just make God happy”

And finally, speaking for all of us:

“I’m confused.”

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